If you do not see the answer to your question below, please send us an email.

How accurate are the colours?

Colour is always inaccurate in online pictures to some degree, and will vary from device to device.  It is not possible to predict how any individual device will present colours.  If exact colour matching is crucial for your project, you will have to shop in person, to view the yarn in natural light.

We hope that the colour swatches willl give you a reasonable idea of the colour choices for the yarns you want, but you should allow some leeway for colour variance.  If you order a yarn and find that it is not at all what you want, you may return it.  You can view our return policy here.

Will I get the same dye lot for all skeins?

Usually, all of the stock showing is the same dye lot.  Occasionally, however, there may be stock from multiple dye lots.  If we cannot fulfill your order from a single dyelot, we will call you to decide how to proceed.  You may choose to wait while we restock (if available), accept different dye lots if not critical for your project, or cancel your order.

What about dye lots for hand-dyed yarns?

Many hand-dyed yarns do not have dye lots.  Even for those that do and the skeins have been dyed in the same batch, dye uptake can vary dramatically between skeins.  If you are using multiple hand-dyed skeins within the same project, we recommend alternating rows from different skeins, in order to blend the colour differences.

Can I get you to wind the yarn for me?

Sure!  We'll be happy to - just include a note with your purchase asking for the skeins to be wind.  Do remember that we can't accept returns after the skeins have been wound, however.  If you aren't 100% sure that the yarn is exactly what you want, it is safer to accept the yarn in skeins.

I don't see the yarn I want, and I think you carry it.  Where is it?

It takes a lot of time and effort to get products & product pictures loaded in the online store, and Creative Yarns has a large inventory to work through.  We're adding more every day.  If you don't see what you want, please call (416-331-8085) or email to check if we have it in stock.  We are happy to load first the yarns you ask for, or process an order by phone.

Why do you only ship within Ontario and Quebec?

We will ship elsewhere, if you call us (416-331-8085) for a shipping quote. 

For now, we are focused on loading our inventory to provide service to our existing, mostly local, customer base.  Local, flat rate shipping, ignoring inter-provincial shipping costs, makes that a bit easier.  Once we have all products loaded with all of the site basics working smoothly, and if there is sufficient demand, we can spend some time implementing shipping mechanisms that service a wider area.

I love this!  Will you still do online orders after the COVID-19 shutdown?

 It depends!  Integrating the online business with in-person shopping would require significant extra investment of time and money to manage both channels effectively and without conflicts.  So, we'll wait and see what the business case looks like when we have a better idea of how many people like the online channel.