Laines du Nord

Laines du Nord  have been producing unique and high quality knitting yarns in Italy for over 40 years.

Our work begins with a careful selection of raw materials, which after a long and adventurous journey arrive here, where a careful production process takes place. Italian artisan tradition, technological innovation and continuous creative research combine together to develop always new shades and geometric patterns.

This constant and passionate work of experimentation has made us specialists in the use of color for the production of balls of yarn: and this is how we create unmistakable products with a strong personality, designed to meet the needs of all our customers.

The result is a production of balls of yarn of incredible quality, perfect for unique creations.

We at Laines du Nord have always worked in respect of environment, territory and workers.

A constant commitment that has led us to obtain worldwide recognized certifications. We have obtained GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) and MULESING FREE certifications.