ARTFIL is born from fiber-art passion and dedication to earth-friendly life. A family owned and operated company that has the capacity of a big brand, the flexibility of an artisan dyeing studio, and the soul of a family.

The company dyeing studio is located at in Laval, Quebec, Canada. We are proud to employ sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible practices from the source of the wool to the end of the process.

Being sensitive to environmental issues, the founders Yana and Stan Petrov took a different direction, employing an Eco-friendly method of dyeing.

Artfil’s yarn is no longer dipped in the traditional bath filled with water and dye, but directly sprayed under high air pressure, using as less as 300 ml. (10 fl.oz) of low impact diluted dye per skein. The yarn is later steamed in order to set the colour. Each skein is painted individually and the shade is built on layers, the thread absorbs the pigment in full leaving excess contaminated water almost to none.

The result is bright and quite saturated shades given the technique in use.
ARTFIL is using 80% less water and 60% less energy to dye same amount of yarn than any other conventional dyeing method! As of 2018 we also include a variety of speckled and low-immersion dyed colorways.  Both techniques were implemented with the same care for the environment as the original air-brush sprayed method.
Here, we found a way to enjoy colorful yarns while being mindful of our planet health.